Frequently Asked Questions

Does this app play the 60 minutes of audio from beginning to end?

No. Unlike many other Android ITC apps, we have programmed a true random sweep within the app. In slow mode, it will randomly play 1.5 seconds of audio bits. In fast mode, it will play .75 seconds of audio bits. This will give the user a unique experience each time the app is used.

I'm a beginner. How do I use this app?

This app is easy to use:

  1. Get a list of a few questions. A good opening question would be “Is there anyone there that would like to communicate with me today?”
  2. Start the app by pressing the Power button. It will default to “Slow” mode which will randomly play 1.5 seconds of audio. If you switch to “Fast” mode, it will randomly play .75 seconds of audio.
  3. Always be respectful and keep the sessions short if you are recording them.
  4. If you choose to record your session, you will need to use an external recorder (digital recorder or video). You can then use a free tool such as Audacity to review your audio. A 5-minute recorded session can take an hour or more to go through.
  5. Share your session (YouTube, Facebook, etc). Please title or tag as “Frank’s Box #39 by Steve Hultay App” or “Frank’s Ghost Box #39 App”. Once you publish your session on YouTube, you can also share the link on our Forum.

Why does the audio sound choppy on my Android phone?

There are now more than 24,000 Android devices on the market. Due to the random sweep programming (very important for ITC apps), it may cause a slight delay or choppy noise on some devices.

We are currently working on a fix for this. Until then, a very small static file has been included to help the choppy noise. This static file is small and plays in the background.

Why is the app file size so large?

Most other ITC apps only include a few minutes of pre-recorded audio that plays from start to finish. This is hardly paranormal.

The Frank’s Ghost Box apps contain 60-minutes of pre-recorded audio which is then programmed to do a real-time random sweep of .75 – 1.5 seconds of audio bits.

Our apps are comprehensive (without unnecessary effects settings) and therefore requires more space than many other Android apps. You can always uninstall and reinstall via Google Play when you want to use ANY app without having to purchase again.

I prefer reverse speech. Do you have plans on creating reverse speech Frank's Ghost Box apps?

Frank’s Ghost Boxes are rare and expensive. Our goal is to provide users with the ability to use a Frank’s Ghost Box in app form that sounds similar to the actual box while also providing real-time random audio delivery.

If you record your session, you can always reverse the audio using Audacity (free) or another program. If we get enough requests, we may consider creating a ‘reversed’ edition of the Frank’s Ghost Box Apps.

Why are you charging for the Frank's Ghost Box apps?

There is a small charge for the apps. ALL proceeds from app sales help fund the LiveGhostBox.com project which helps us keep it free to the public. We thank you for your support!

Will you be making an iPhone version of these apps?

We are hoping to work on iPhone version of the apps in 2017 but no guarantee as it is more costly to develop apps for iPhone.

How do I share a video of my session?

First you must publish your video on YouTube. You can then visit our Forum and post your videos there.

Why is this website PURPLE?

Purple was Frank Sumption’s favorite color.

How to I ask a question that is not answered here?

You can comment below (will be public) or use the form on our contact page (will be private).

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