Frank’s Ghost Box #39
by Steve Hultay


1 Full Hour of Audio

Real-Time Random Sweep

Steve Hultay's Go-To Box

Affordable App

Simple & Easy To Use

Proceeds Fund

Slow & Fast Modes

Easy Exit Button


Randomly sweeps 1-hour of Frank’s Ghost Box #39 audio just like a real ghost box. The default SLOW mode randomly plays 1.5 seconds of audio. FAST mode randomly plays .75 seconds of audio.

Coming Soon on Google Play

Indepth Features

Real-Time Random Sweep

We have programmed a true random sweep within the app. In slow mode, it will randomly play 1.5 seconds of audio bits. In fast mode, it will play .75 seconds of audio bits. This will give the user a unique experience each time the app is used.

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1 Full Hour of Frank's Ghost Box #39 Audio

60 minutes of audio from the rare Frank’s Ghost Box #39 is included in the app. Even better – it does NOT play from beginning to end like many other Android ITC apps.

Affordable Android App

Frank’s Ghost Boxes are rare and expensive. Our goal is to provide users with the ability to use a Frank’s Ghost Box in app form (at a nominal charge) that sounds similar to the actual box while also providing real-time random audio delivery.

ALL proceeds from app sales help fund the project which helps us keep it free to the public. We thank you for your support!

Forum to Post Videos

Share your sessions on this website! First you must publish your video on YouTube. You can then visit our Forum and post your videos there.

Future Improvements

There are now more than 24,000 Android devices on the market. Due to the random sweep programming (very important for ITC apps), it may cause a slight delay or choppy noise on some devices.

We are currently working on a fix for this. Until then, a very small static file has been included to help the choppy noise. This static file is small and plays in the background.